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All Active Duty Enlisted Soldiers and Officers will process through the MAR2 instead of the MMRB. Click here to download the memorandum from the Army G1 or here to see the MILPER message from HRC. See your Career Counselor for detailed guidance.


Purpose of the MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2)...

The purpose of the MAR2 is to replace the MMRB to better enhance Army’s ability to maintain a quality force by ensuring Soldiers are physically qualified to perform their PMOS in a worldwide deployed environment or field condition.

Basically.....If a Soldier cannot physically perform/deploy in their current job…..Then let’s find a job they can physically perform/deploy in.

The MAR2 program will ensure that every Soldier and Officer who is issued a P3 or P4 profile has an administrative review to see if the physical limitations on their profile prohibits them from performing in their current MOS/AOC. In the past individuals who were issued a permanent profile would go months, or even years, before they would go through the MMRB process. Additionally, individuals who would need to be placed in another job would have to wait for MMRB results to be sent forward for administrative action.

The MAR2 program essentially streamlines the process between the Soldiers unit and the Human Resources Command at Ft Knox. This website serves as a point of information for you to understand how the MAR2 process works.

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